Engineering Design

Our organisational strategy is to provide the most innovative and practical solutions to each project’s design and development within the confines of the consent authority’s guidelines, the client’s requests and the constraints of the site. The experience of our senior engineers has created some very innovative and successful results for our clients.

LDS recognises the need to translate good designs into reality, and we are committed to effectively bridging the gap between the planning phase and the construction crews responsible for delivering the completed development to a high standard.

In-house Excellence

We are conscientious in our supervision of projects with field inspections made whenever necessary to ensure the best result for our client. Close liaison with clients and civil contractors is a priority through all aspects of construction to deliver a final product that is on budget and of a suitably high standard and meet client and market expectations.

LDS compiles and maintains an updated database of civil contract rates and materials for comparison of tenders or project cost estimating purposes. With this information at hand, an accurate bill of quantity analysis can be undertaken prior to obtaining external pricing for budgetary considerations.

An added benefit of in-house engineering design capabilities is the high level of knowledge and input of the staff in data collection and documentation methods. Field staff are aware of their requirements when collecting data for design purposes and are able to “see” beyond the scope of works if necessary.

Our Engineering Work

LDS performs a range of engineering works, including:

  • Sewer & water major & minor works
  • Road & drainage design
  • Large and small scale detention systems
  • Water quality control ponds
  • Stormwater Management Plans
  • Hydrological modelling
  • Contract preparation 
  • Construction Management
  • Preparation and assessment of tenders; and
  • Work as executed surveys.

LDS is a highly reputable organisation committed to providing innovative solutions across a broad range of property development services. Our highly-skilled team will provide accurate and timely services to ensure your project is delivered on time, on budget and with the best outcome.